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Your November Rules ??? JOI and Masturbation Encouragement clip **Featured**

Features: *I feel like the audio is really quiet on this clip and I don't know why that happened! I'm sorry. So grab your earbuds or just wait until you are alone and pump that audio up loud!*
Have you made it to the end of week two of No Nut November!? If so, I hope that this clip will be the end of your winning streak! Lawyer/ research study participant role playing; Jerk off instructions and masturbation encouragement; Sensual mental domination/manipulation; Dirty talk; Tight, see-thru shirt, heels, and pencil skirt; Full nudity; Stroking, sucking, and riding my big, realistic dildo forwards and backwards!

I'm here on behalf of Dr Dixie Normous, your physician and leader of the medical research study that you have chosen to participate in. Your doctor will be in charge of collecting your physical and mental data while you move through this 30-day study. I'm here to collect your signature and make sure that you fully understand what this No Nut November reseach project is and the potential side-effects you could experience over these next few weeks. Also, I have a list of rules to go over with you. You must follow each and every one of them or you could risk being disqualified from the study at any point, no matter how many days of hardship and sacrifice you've endured up until that point. Also, you understand that you aren't being paid for this study, correct? You are simply doing this because you want to be a good citizen and take a role in furthering medical understanding about how the male brain and body work. Wow...you are a better person than I am! There is no way in hell that I would go 30 days without an orgasm! You must be dying already! Are your balls swollen and huge? Is your dick aching? Does just touching your cock to pee or change your clothes require all of your mental strength in order to let go of your cock!? Ugh. Look, let me give you some legal advice: stop this craziness. Here, I'll demonstrate for you with my huge dildo just how to edge yourself safely in order to prevent an orgasm but don't expect me to stop just because you are. Once I start sucking and stroking my toy, there's no holding back for ME! I'm gonna ride my thick toy until I cum! Good luck to you!

Date Added: November 13, 2020


39 min of video


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