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Work From Home!

Features: GFE role-play/married/husband and wife role-play; working from home; watching porn while working; dirty talking about big breasts with your wife; fantasy sex with your wife while she encourages your big-tit fixation and your lunch break jerkoff sessions! Red lace bra and panty, office dress, button-up shirt, glasses, stockings, heels. Masturbating using just fingers in this clip, and the fantasy sex scene is above the waist nudity only.

Unlike many married couples over the past several years, you and your wife have never had to both work from home at the same time. But this Friday is different. Your wife's office is undergoing renovations, so she will be joining you at the kitchen counter where you normally set up your computer for your usual WFH Friday morning conference calls.

It's fun to see your sexy wife in her office attire. You leave for your office earlier than her most days and don't often get to see her in this kind of outfit. Your wife thinks she can downplay her enormous fake tits by simply buttoning and zipping up her shirts a bit higher. But all that does is draw attention to how strained and stretched the fabric is over her giant breasts. But you aren't going to tell her this. You'll enjoy the view instead.

You begin to wonder what your wife is wearing under her dress. You can see a red bra strap peeking out. You love that bra. It's one of your favorites, and your wife knows it. Did she wear it to tease and tempt you this morning? Does she have on a matching red lace panty? And maybe those silky, sexy thigh-high stockings that you love to run your hands up and down? Your wife brings you a cup of coffee and you try to peek down her top as she says good morning. What will working together be like today? Lost in thought, staring at her tits, and enjoying your growing erection, you realize your wife is asking you questions about your company policies and what is and is not prohibited at work. Your wife laughs at the fact that she has to agree not to watch porn while at work. "Who would watch porn while in the office!?" You do, you tell her. And your wife is immediately wide-eyed and shocked and eager to know more! Before you know it, your wife is asking for you to share with her the big-tit porn that you enjoy while at work. She wants to enjoy it with you while she rides you! Your wife wants to make WFH Fridays an all-day fuck-fest from here on out! She's so eager for your cock and is soon on your lap, shoving her big tits into your face, begging you to feel her up, and dirty talk with her about finding another busty woman to enjoy together! Out of nowhere, your wife is asking if the two of you can search online for a big-titty cam girl that might be willing to give a married couple some sexy photos and videos! And as your wife bounces hard and fast on your cock, your hands full of her enormous tits, you thank yourself for marrying this sex-crazed woman before someone else could!

Date Added: May 19, 2023


36 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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