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Welcome To The Family

Features: Engaged man/future sis-in-law role-playing; taboo scenario; big tit obsession; bra fetish; POV tit fucking; encouragement to cheat; manipulation; home wrecking fantasy; jerk off encouragement; wet t-shirt and fun in the shower; dirty talk centered about lusting after your sis-in-law's huge tits; getting messy while tit fucking my squirting toy; multiple cumshots!

Why did you do that!? I saw you grab your bulge and adjust yourself in your pants. Do you really think that's okay to do right here in front of your future sis-in-law? Look at you. You've still got your eyes glued to my tits! In just a few weeks, you will enter my family and marry my sis! I think that incredibly hard cock of yours is starting to have second thoughts. Are you still sure you are marrying the right set of tits? Are you even marrying someone with any tits at all? My sis is a great woman but...she's not exactly a big-tit-addict's fantasy girl! Why is a breast-obsessed guy like you signing himself up for a life of unsatisfying sex? Admit it. All you want in the bedroom is to be fucked by a big pair of tits. You want to spend every evening after dinner, watching your cock thrust underneath a bra, swallowed up by huge handfuls of cleavage. Sure, my sis is good at all sorts of other "happy marriage" activities that I would be awful at. So maybe it's good for you to play it safe and marry her. But it sucks that your cock will never get the big tit satisfaction it deserves. It's awful that you will forever be running off to the bathroom to jack off to pics of your SIL's cleavage. That seems unfair. And what a shame that I'll never get to find out just how good my huge, new tits would look wrapped around your hardon. I bet you and I would have been a great match in the bedroom. Well, while I can't make you mine. I can still experience what it must be like to grab my bro-in-law by the cock and work these big breasts up and down on you. I stumbled across something while traveling. This will sound strange, but hear me out. I found some lotion, and it contains some unusual ingredients. I've been rubbing it on my tits lately. Have you noticed that my tits have been looking bigger recently? Nothing fits these days! My breasts are constantly falling out of my bras and dresses. I discovered something else about this lotion though too. When I rub it on my dildo, it seems to take on magical abilities. Maybe it's best if I show you rather than try to explain. Do you feel that!? When I tit fuck my toy, you feel every sensation! As I work my tits up and down on my toy, you can feel the incredible tightness and pressure on your cock. I basically can jack you off and give you a hands-free orgasm without ever actually touching you! What is there to worry about? This isn't cheating. You aren't betraying my small-tit sis. You are just sitting there, with your cock out, watching me enjoy my sex toy. I'm not even showing you anything between my legs. It's just a pair of tits. What's the big deal? And it's not like you are jerking off while watching me. If you happen to cum as a result of the slutty things I am doing right here in my sis's apartment, that's not your fault. You can hardly be blamed for that! So, stop worrying and start enjoying these huge tits. After all, you are part of the family now. And I want to make sure I welcome you in the best way possible!

Date Added: September 1, 2023


47 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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