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The Spy Who Sexed Me

Features: a transformation fantasy/gender swap role-play video! The awkward male secret agent changes into a busty, slutty super spy! Male-to-female gender transformation fantasy; Growth fetish; Breast expansion; Leg fetish; A long, slowly revealing transformation scene at the beginning and two other slightly faster transformation scenes throughout the rest of the clip, my outfits getting smaller as I grow and change! Breath mints/pills act as the catalyst for the changes; Many different camera angles, outfits, and heels; Descriptive talk as I admire my new female body; Mini skirt, mini dress, micro-bikini, lingerie, shiny black bodysuit, and a lot of views of my big, new tits!

There he is. American secret agent, Kevin McKool. He’s a strange-looking dude. Especially for a spy. He’s not a suave, James Bond sort of spy. Nor does he blend into his surroundings like a secret agent should. You can spot Agent Kevin coming from a mile away, his top hat a dead giveaway that there’s something…unusual about this dude. So, then what’s his secret? How did a man like this become a nationally recognized spy, with a mission success rate of 100%!? Kevin has never failed a mission. And while carrying out his top-secret spy work, he’s never received even a single scratch on his body. How is this possible? Only Kevin and the people over at Super Spy headquarters know Kevin’s trick. Want in on the secret? Minty fresh breath. Kevin carries a very important tin of breath mints around with him wherever he goes, and he guards that tin with his life! When Kevin begins a spy mission, he pops a mint into his mouth and waits for the sweet treat to work its magic from the inside out! Before long, Kevin’s tongue isn’t the only thing tingling and feeling fresh. Kevin accomplishes each spy mission by becoming Kayla, the slutty spy super babe! Criminals and bad guys are obsessed with keeping an eye out for a male secret agent coming their way. They never think to suspect the set of big tits stalking their every move! A busty, lusty woman is never the suspect these bad guys are anticipating. Which gives Kayla (Kevin?) the upper hand in every mission!

After a long day of secret agent work, Kevin is ready to unwind for the weekend. He is only supposed to pop these breath mints when he is on official spy business. Kayla isn’t supposed to come out to play during leisure time. But Kevin really wants to enjoy his female body. He wants to explore himself as Kayla. What would it be like to go out on the town as a woman? A woman with a body like Kayla’s!? Would it be enjoyable to be hit on and flirted with? What would it be like to have sex while in Kayla’s body? Kevin wants to find out all of this and more. The breath mints only last for 24 hours. What’s the worst that could happen? Right? Right!?

Date Added: March 10, 2023


42 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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