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The New HR Lady

Features: HR woman/employee role play; Strip teasing and wet orgasm with a toy; Teasing with the zipper on my tight dress and my bra and thong set; Heels and glasses.  Oh, great. It's 5pm on a Friday. You just want to get out of here and head to the bar with your friends for happy hour. Instead, you are stuck at the office for another hour with the new HR woman. Can't she do this nice-to-meet-you introduction during office hours? To your surprise though, Kayla walks in and informs you that a complaint has been filed against you and therefore an HR investigation has been opened. Whaaaat!? You are having trouble focusing on Kayla's words as she lets her hair down, takes off her glasses, and slides down the zipper on the front of her dress. You can see her pushup bra peeking through, holding up two huge mounds of cleavage!  Kayla explains that someone has accused you of being an excessive flirt, doing and saying inappropriate things during business hours. You hurry to explain that there has been a misunderstanding; it is your boss who is the flirt. She has been pursuing you since you started with this company six months ago. Kayla doesn't fully seem to believe you though and decides she needs to question you further.  That's when things get even more strange. Kayla begins to ask you detailed questions about huge tits, big asses, and your passion for slutty brunettes! Apparently as part of the investigation, Kayla has been watching your search history while at work (oops), and she knows exactly what kind of women get you rock hard. When you want to cum, you go straight for what your cock likes most: long, dark hair, round asses that you can grab ahold of from behind, and huge tits that will bounce and swing around while you pound her pussy from behind. Thanks to her "research", Kayla knows that you couldn't have possibly harassed any one here at this office. There's no one here that fits your interests. No one but Kayla, that is! Kayla seems to be really turned on knowing that she gets you so rock hard. She enjoys talking about how much smaller your boss' tits and ass are compared to hers. How lacking in every way each employee here is compared to Kayla! Your cock gets hard listening to Kayla brag about her body and sex drive. She begins to tease you with additional views of her cleavage and huge bra. Kayla bends over and flaunts her big ass and tiny, silky thong, dirty talking about how much she loves to feel your cock grinding between her ass cheeks. Kayla has the power to make this problem with your boss disappear. All you have to do is agree to give yourself and your cock over to Kayla. There will be daily fuck sessions from here on out. The more sexually satisfied you are, the better your productivity will be at work. And everyone wins from that! If you think you can handle the overtime hours, if you think you can handle this new HR lady, sign yourself over and you'll be on your way to a big promotion.

Date Added: July 29, 2022


29 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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