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Spyware and Shrink-ware! ---Shrinking fetish/SPH clip

Features: Shrinking fetish (height, muscles, cock) and SPH; Height humiliation; Transfer fetish: Strong man to weak man, Nerdy guy to hot guy; Big cock worship; Cuckholdry/Cheating girlfriend; Descriptive dialogue as I talk about the physical changes taking place and the loss/gain happening for each man; Full nudity; Riding my realistic toy until I cum!

Kayla's current boyfriend just so happens to be the picture of well endowments (height, muscles, and a 9+ inch cock) and the two of them just finished having amazing sex together. Now Kayla is on her computer, browsing around on Netflix so that she and her boyfriend can have some cuddle time. She notices a program on her laptop that she has never noticed before. Hmm, must be something the nerdy next-door neighbor installed. He was fixing Kayla's computer earlier this week after Kayla used her curves, cleavage, and big assets to sweet-talk him into doing the work for free. Not realizing what was about to happen, Kayla clicks on the icon that says "smaller". What a shock she gets when she looks up and sees that her 6'5" boyfriend is now just 5' 7", not much taller than her! Kayla can't help the giggle that escapes. It is kind of funny to see her boyfriend looking so short and diminished. But her shorter boyfriend isn't amused. He just wants to know where his height went and how he can get it back! Well, maybe that nerdy, dorky, wimpy neighbor guy will know something about this. Kayla calls him and asks him to stop by. But the nerdy neighbor isn't at all the man that Kayla remembers from earlier this week! I guess everyone now knows where the boyfriend's height went! The short, nerdy neighbor is now well over 6'5"! And Kayla can't help but feel horny and turned on as she invites this tall man into the bedroom. She tries to fight her elevated hormones for her boyfriend's sake but Kayla wants to explore her neighbor's new body so badly! Her boyfriend starts to notice that she is flirting with the neighbor and threatens to kick his ass! But before he could swing a punch at the neighbor, Kayla double-clicks on that desktop icon again, which renders her boyfriend a scrawny, weak, helpless mess! He has no muscles, no strength, and he couldn't hurt a fly now! Kayla laughs and points at her timid, short, pale, and skinny boyfriend. Think of all of those hours spent at the gym! What a waste! Kayla turns back to her neighbor who is not only tall and handsome but also now possesses the cut, toned, defined body of a Greek god!! Kayla wants this man's pants off! With a perfect body like that, this hunky neighbor is sure to also have the perfect cock! She starts to pull his pants off, they hit the floor, and Kayla's eyes go wide. This...this isn't what she expected! The scrawny boyfriend begins to laugh and laugh and laugh. Why would a tall, sexy, muscled man have such a tiny dick!? Has Kayla thrown everything away for a one-inch shrimp dick? Her boyfriend's laughter is making her emotions boil and Kayla begins to wish out loud that her boyfriend's dick would just shrink and shrivel up and melt away! Inch by inch, Kayla describes his shrinking cock and compares it to the neighbor's now growing cock! She's doing it...it's working! Her boyfriend's cock is disappearing as Kayla sucks, strokes, licks, and fucks her neighbor's cock. And wow, he really knows how to make a woman cum. Kayla never experienced orgasms like this with her boyfriend. Nerds really do rule the world!

Date Added: May 1, 2020


37 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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