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Features: This clip is a little out of season but who cares! Role playing: Christmas gift giving gone wrong...or right!? Hooking up with my husband's best friend; Cheating wife; Purple mini dress; Skimpy lingerie and red heels: Dirty talk; Riding TorsoMan (one of my last clips with him!); Tit fucking; Blow job with my realistic toy.

It's Christmas time and for once Kayla seems to be ahead of the game! Every year, you spend part of the holidays with your best friend and his wife and Kayla is notorious for her last minute gift shopping sprees. But when you stop by their house today, instead of the stressed, frazzled state of mind that the holidays sometimes put us all in, Kayla greets you at the door with a mischievous smile and a dress that's showing A LOT more cleavage than usual. She invites you in and hands to you an envelope, excited and eager for you to open the gift she's found for you this year! Asking about where your best friend is, Kayla shrugs the question off and seems totally disinterested in where her husband might be right now. Should you wait to open your gift until your friend is here too? Kayla sits closer to you, sticks her bottom lip out, her big tits brushing against your arm, and you know you can't say no to her right now. You've always had to work hard to control your urges and desires where she is concerned. I mean, it's your friend's wife! How many times are you allowed to jerk off to the thought of her before it becomes weird!? You can't help but notice her hard nipples right now though. And her body language towards you seems a bit more flirty than usual! Okay, okay....focus on this envelope. What did Kayla get you as a gift? Wait....this has got to be a mistake. Did you have too much eggnog or something? Are you hallucinating? In this envelope are sex coupons. You know, like the kind that say “IOU one blow job”, “Cash this in for cowgirl”, “Good for 10 minutes of anal sex”. But....why would Kayla be giving you these sex coupons!? From what you've heard, she doesn't even do this kind of stuff with her husband! What are you gonna do? Return the gift or cash in the coupons!? 'Tis the Season!

Date Added: May 22, 2020


43 min of video


Rating: 0.0/5.0

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