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Seduced and Shrunk by a Stripper!

Features: Shrinking, giantess, and stripper role playing; Your shrinking catalyst is a magical kiss from your favorite busty stripper; Dancing and teasing to a few minutes of music; Two different vinyl bodysuits, thigh-high boots, fishnet stockings, and platform heels; Sensual domination and height humiliation; Use of camera angles to give you a POV from progressively shorter and shorter heights as I dance for you; Dirty talk revolving around using your tiny body for my pleasure as I carry on with my nightly shift at the strip club; Boob close-ups; Mostly topless nudity with a few pussy flashes towards the end!

Thank you for buying a private lap dance! I don't usually experience this kind of chemistry with my clients. I really enjoyed grinding against you and exploring your body with my hands while I gave you a sexy show. I enjoyed watching your eyes wandering over every inch of my body and I was looking forward to what else might happen between us tonight. You are so tall and come across as being quite self-assured and confident. I love those traits in a man. Oh, the song has ended! Which means that your lap dance is over as well and I need to collect for my time. Whatever extra you'd like to slip into the garter on my thigh is always appreciated. You don't plan on tipping? Umm...okay. But I gave you extra special attention all throughout your extra special private dance. Don't I deserve some special attention from your wallet? Okay, mister. It seems that I have you all wrong. Sure, you've got the physical height but you are definitely a small, little man! You are rude and arrogant and you definitely don't know what to do with a good thing even when it's sitting right on your lap! How about a blow you one final kiss and we can part ways for the night? Are you feeling okay? Maybe a little light-headed? Maybe a little shorter? And now maybe even a little smaller!? My magical kiss will shrink you all the way down to the ground until you are eye level with my boot heels. Such a cocky man needs to be brought down a few notches. Or a few feet! Though I'd love to just trample you with my tall stilettos or smother you with my huge tits and tits, that's the easy way out for you. You owe me! You have a debt that needs to be repaid and I'm going to make you pay it off with hard, physical labor. If you aren't going to bring pleasure into my long work shift with additional cash, then you are going to bring me sexual pleasure for the rest of the night. I'll pinch you between my fingers, lift you up from the ground, and place you right on my nipple, on my tongue, or on my clit. Wherever stimulation is most desired! I'll move you back and forth, all around my body, for the next five hours. And you'll get a front row seat as I grind on and enjoy other men while you rub and caress my clit as best you can with your teeny, tiny body!

Date Added: June 25, 2021


28 min of video


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