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Round Two of Date Night! -- Cuckhold/Cheating wife role playing

Features: A follow-up to the first Date Night video though I think you can enjoy this one without having seen the first! Cuckoldry/Cheating wife role-playing; Black mini-dress, red heels, and a red push-up bra; Full nudity; Teasing with cleavage; Descriptive dirty talk while I detail my upcoming date with a man my husband has only heard about and never met; Fucking another man in front of my husband; Light humiliation; Cock comparisons; Big cock worship; POV blow job, tit fucking, and riding using my toy; Multiple orgasms!

You're sweating. Your mouth is dry. You have butterflies in your stomach. Despite these things, your cock is still hard and throbbing. You thought Date Night last week would be the end of this craziness but it looks like it's just the start! Your wife has invited one of her new boyfriends over to the house this evening. And she and him are currently kissing and rolling around on YOUR bed while you sit in the corner of the bedroom, on an uncomfortable stool, and...watch! How did you wind up in this situation!? Well, you could have stopped it. But...you didn't want to stop it, did you? You like watching this other man put his hands on your wife. He gropes and squeezes her tits and ass in a rough, controlling way that you never do. And she seems to be loving it! Your wife is moaning and grinding her hips against this man, begging for his cock. You've never seen her act so primal. So desperate to spread her legs. Your cock is getting harder and it's pressing against your pants. Soon you will have to unzip and start masturbating while you watch your wife enjoy this man's huge cock. This other man is better than you in every way. He has toned, defined, hard muscles that your wife can't seem to stop admiring. She wants to lick every inch of his body. This man also has a cock twice the size and width of yours, with the sexual stamina of a porn star! He seems to be able to pump load after load of cum into your wife, never-ending erection, giving your wife hours and hours of pleasure. Your favorite part about this whole arrangement though is when your wife stares right at you as she gets pounded from behind. Her evil little smile sends you over the edge and now you're sitting in the corner, with cum all over yourself, listening to your wife laugh as she turns back to her lover, preparing herself for another orgasm.

Date Added: April 24, 2020


53 min of video


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