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Power Girl is Overpowered!

Features: Power Girl costume and two different blonde wigs; Pig tails and extra long hair; Red thigh high boots and platform heels; Tiny bikini; Quickie transformation scene with physical and mental changes; Superheroine changes into a bimbo, slutty stripper; Magical strip club lights entrance me and act as the catalyst for the changes; Short dance scene on my pole; Sucking and fucking my realistic toy; Forwards and backwards riding; Butt plug; Dirty talk; Creamy orgasm!

Power Girl busts through and breaks down the door of yet another dirty, grimey strip club! That's three in this city that she has crumbled so far. And while ridding the city of this filth, she's saving hundreds of women from this awful, degrading job. Her arch nemesis, King Pimp, is behind these disgusting, immoral, crude and lewd clubs. Power Girl will continue to destroy every strip club in this city until there's not a single one left that King Pimp can run and hide in. He will have to be a man and face Power Girl, face to face! In the meantime, standing before her now is yet another one of King Pimp's minions. An obedient little henchman, who does whatever King Pimp orders, like the good little lap dog he is. It will take nothing to crush this man. Agh!! Why is he shining these awful strip club lights right in Power Girl's face? What a weirdo! Speaking of weird, Power Girl isn't feeling like her usual tough and strong self. She's even starting to look a bit different. And she's acting a whole lot different! Power Girl is now prancing around in very tall stripper heels, shaking her tits at King Pimp's man, begging for his cash and his cock!

Date Added: September 4, 2020


35 min of video


Rating: 0.0/5.0

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