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Perry Twatter???

Features:  A sexy new Harry Potter themed costume and a crazy-amazing new sex toy! Plaid skirt, crop top, knee high socks; My new sex toy is shaped like a tongue and it wiggles around! It also has the ability to suction on to and plump up my nipples and pussy lips. You just have to see this thing in action to truly understand! Full nudity with nipple and pussy close-ups; Multiple orgasms.

The train dropped me off and now I'm standing in front of Hogwarts! I've dreamed of walking these dark, mysterious halls for years now. In the next 15 minutes, my goal is to not only find Harry Potter himself but to also find myself naked on his lap! I want this man so badly. I've dreamed of having sex with this sexy wizard for so long. And now my fantasy is thisssss close to becoming a reality! I just have to....find him. And that's proving to be more difficult than I thought. This place does not look like Hogwarts at all. Totally lost, I work up the courage to knock on a closed door in the hallway. But it is definitely not Harry Potter that answers! Instead it's some random wizard who calls himself Perry Twatter. What the fuck? I am out of here. This is a total scam. This Twatter fellow stops me though and explains to me that he has a magical wand that could put Harry Potter's wand to shame. Well, screw it. I'm already here and I'm not ready for a long train ride back home just yet. Let's see what this guy's wand can do. Why is it shaped like a tongue though? And why does it vibrate, buzz, and wiggle around? And why is he suggesting I press his wand up against my nipples and pussy!? Is this guy even an actual wizard? Eh, who cares. His wand sure is fun!

Date Added: July 25, 2020


32 min of video


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