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Outdoor Shower!

Features: I've managed to get myself lost in the woods while out hiking! After stumbling across several creepy signs informing me of the possibility of encountering a very dangerous Bigfoot while in this forest, I decide to break into a log cabin that I've found nestled into the woods! And with porn-logic hard at work here...for some reason I decide to make myself at home and strip down in order to make use of the sexy outdoor shower that I spy on this cabin's upper deck! Naked outdoors; Showering outdoors; Exhibitionism; Several different camera views thanks to my GoPro; This is a tease clip with full-nudity and boob and ass close-ups!

Was it this way? No, maybe this way? Oh, great. I'm lost. And as I go deeper and deeper into the woods, I'm finding more and more of these unusual signs posted to the trees. Warnings about the dangers of Bigfoot, who has apparently been spotted on multiple occasions in this area. Ohio is a creepy place to begin with. Getting lost in the woods here was not my goal at all! The strange noises in the forest start to get the best of me and I'm nervous and getting desperate to find a way out of the woods. I wonder where this path leads. If I can get up a bit higher maybe I can see over some of this vegetation. Is that....yes! It's a cabin! A big log cabin and it looks as though someone might even live there. Maybe they could help get me out of this crazy forest! The cabin is empty though when I reach it. I really need to rest and I'd really love to put some walls between Bigfoot and me! What if I were to just...break in? Would anyone even know that I had been here? Ooohh...whoever lives here added in an outdoor shower! What a sexy luxury! And there's also a cold brew sitting on a side table...as though it was set out for me. Hmm....fuck it. This view is beautiful. I'm not missing out on an opportunity to strip down and take a hot shower right here, up in the trees, on the upper balcony of this log cabin! Hopefully no one comes home to claim this brew though. I don't plan on saving a single drop. I'll save them some hot water and some space in the shower with me though!

Date Added: August 27, 2021


18 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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