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No Pants, No Problem

Features: Online job interview role-playing; Caught with no pants on; Jerk off encouragement and instructions; Bribery; Dirty talk; Cock worship; Strip teasing out of a dress, heels, and pink bra and panty set; Finger-fucking myself and a super wet orgasm! Full nudity but no toys in this one!

The world has changed so much lately. Everything has moved online. Work, home time, dating. Even my sex life exists entirely online right now! I have an online interview with a potential candidate for the new marketing firm I own and operate. I really hope he wants the position because I think he and I would make a great team. I make the video call, the call connects, and as his camera turns on I'm so excited and a bit flustered to see such a sexy man smiling back at me from my laptop screen. We chat for a bit about his potential role within my company. He asks some questions and I ask some questions....everything is going great! Everyone in the world is still adjusting to interacting with each other through webcams and computer screens. My hopeful hire is struggling to see through the glare being cast on his monitor from the bright, sun-filled window behind him. He excuses himself to go adjust the shades, stands up, and his bulge ends up right in my face!!! I mean....close enough anyway! He doesn't have any pants on! Boxers, yes. Pants? No! And I can clearly see the outline of his cock through his two-sizes too small painted on boxer briefs! Gulp! I break out in a sweat. I can feel my panties getting wet. I'm taking short, quick breaths. I'm this close to licking my screen when he finally sits back down in his chair and begins to resume our conversation about work. Work? Who cares about work? This man is hired. I want that big boner in my office with me every single day! Ugh, but with quarantine, we might have to make do with some online fun. I tease him a bit about his trouser-less snake. Does he do this during all of his online interviews!? Time to even the field a bit. He flashed me so I owe him a flash of my cleavage and my thong. He removes his tie and unbuttons his shirt. Off goes my bra and my dress. Next, I offer up a deal: I'll let this little thong hit the floor and I'll bend over my desk with my ass towards the camera if he agrees to wrap his hand around his huge cock and stroke it for me! It doesn't take much convincing to get him to agree to my deal. Soon we are watching each other masturbate, enjoying the sight of each other's bodies, and sharing and online orgasm together. Hopefully the first of many overtime hours spent on each other!

Date Added: February 26, 2021


47 min of video


Rating: 0.0/5.0

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