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My Tiny Fan-base! ---Giantess and Foot Fetish clip

Features: Unaware giantess/tiny, shrunken men role playing; Ditzy, bimbo role play; Upskirt panty views; Foot fetish: sole and toe close-ups; Tall, strappy heels; Several outfit changes; POV walking on little men, crushing them with cleavage, sitting on them, and a very quick vore scene at the end!

Kayla's new U-Tube channel is doing really well! Subscribers seem to be loving these heel try-on videos! And Kayla is more than happy to have a reason to buy and show off a new pair of heels every week. Gotta give the fans what they want after all! Kayla is thrilled when she opens her newest purchase and seems a gleaming, shiny new pair of strappy, tall white heels waiting for her in the box. With her camera rolling, Kayla gets to work unpacking the heels and removing all of the shipping material that is stuffed inside of the shoes. Eager to get one of these sexy stilettos on, Kayla doesn't even notice as hundreds of teeny, tiny little men tumble out of a heel that she has dangling in the air. Many of these little men fall to their death and those that survive know that their lives will be ending soon as Kayla begins to stomp around the room in her new heels. Those that managed to break their fall by landing in Kayla's cleavage will soon be crushed between her huge tits as she begins to bounce her boobs around for her U-Tube fans. Others will be smothered by Kayla's huge ass and her sexy, red thong. These little men thought the soft couch would offer them some protection. But the last thing the tiny men see before they die is the sight of Kayla's thighs and skimpy panty lowering down on them from above! One little man even managed to work his way up Kayla's mountain of cleavage. He narrowly avoided being squished by her tits but now he finds himself a centimeter away from her mouth. Before he can scramble away, Kayla blows a big bubble with her bubble gum, trapping the man in the sticky mess, and then sucks the bubble and the man right back into her mouth! That's the end of him too! Kayla is completely clueless that she has taken the lives of hundreds of little men. She's more concerned with racking up hundreds of new subscribers with this video. Maybe it will go viral!

Date Added: July 31, 2020


20 min of video


Rating: 0.0/5.0

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