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My Shrunken Bros ---Vore fetish clip

Features: step-sibling role play; younger sis, older bros; cheerleader costume; bratty sis; shrinking bros; magic potion; POV vore role-playing; face and mouth close-ups; no nudity in this one!

I'm so sick and tired of my nerd, bookworm identical triplet bros getting all of the "rent's" praise and attention! One dorky bro wants to be a nutritionist. The other wants to be an astronaut and the third one, a scientist! I get no love for my career aspirations as a professional cheerleader! My nerd bros look down on me and treat me like their younger bimbo, airhead sis. I've had enough. Sneaking into their bedrooms, I've stolen some of their college research projects. After blowing my chemistry teacher, he agrees to help me with some top-secret research. I need a potion that will shrink my 6-foot tall bro down to 5 inches! I can't want to make them feel about as big as they make me feel! And after that, I'm going to show them everything that I've learned from their research. From one bro, I've gained a real appreciation for space and black holes. I am obsessed with the idea of black holes and how they can just suck a person in and devour them! From another bro, I've learned all about how important it is to feed your body with nutrient-dense foods. You are what you eat! And I think sliding one of my shrunken bros into my black hole of a mouth, swallowing him up, and digesting and absorbing some of his super-smart brain is a great idea! Soon I'll be the most intelligent, powerful, rich, and famous person in the world! Thanks for all the help, LITTLE bros!

Date Added: April 3, 2020


25 min of video


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