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Lick My Sweat! ---Armpit fetish

Features: Calling all armpit fans! This clip features me riding on and enjoying my Love Glider sex toy as I pose with my arms above my head, encouraging you to devote yourself to my sweaty armpits! I'm in a sundress for a short scene but then it's on to full nudity with boob and armpit close-ups at times. Includes some armpit licking as well as descriptive talk about my sweaty armpits and your obedience and addiction to them. I also have a really creamy orgasm at the end!

Friday is our scheduled time together. I've found that it's best to make sure you are on my calendar every week. You are a very loyal, devoted, and addicted armpit slave. So much so that you can never seem to get enough of my sweaty armpits! If you go awhile without licking, kissing, smelling, and tasting my armpits, you start to experience symptoms of withdrawal! On days like today when I am horny and wanting a good, hard fuck, I might as well just invite you over so that you can do a good job of cleaning up my sweat and cum! I don't want a single bead of sweat left underneath my arms or between my tits. I don't want any of my cum dripping onto my panties or gushing onto my thighs. You must lick, suck, and clean up every last drop of my bodily fluids. And you seem more than happy to serve me! Watch my ride and rock on my fun Love Glider sex toy. This awesome device allows me to fuck myself, hands-free! Which in turn allows me to keep my arms raised above my head while I have an orgasm, driving you wild with a perfect view of my sweaty armpits!

Date Added: April 22, 2021


22 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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