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LHR Infomercial!

Features: Torso Man undergoes some much needed laser hair removal! This clip is all about teasing in a tight mini-dress; Showing off my legs and cleavage; Flashing my pussy from underneath my dress; Leg crossing and walking around in heels; Dirty talk and cock worship; Sucking on and riding T-Man until I cum!

Welcome back to this random as hell infomercial with me, Anita Cummings! Today I'm going to explain to you the process of laser hair removal as well as all of the many beneficial impacts it can have on your life. You will cut your shower time in half, save money on razors, feel confident baring your body at the beach, and your sex life will sky-rocket! I mean, just take a look at how smooth and beautiful my armpits are! No stubble in sight. Better yet, let me lift my dress and show you my silky smooth, soft pussy. Wouldn't you like you to put your tongue right there and find out for yourself just how soft (and wet!) I am between the legs!? Ooops, the producer is waving his arms around frantically and trying to tell me to close my legs. I guess that was a little too much information on laser hair removal! So let's move on to today's special guest, T-Man! Wow. He really needs some help in the manscaping department. It's a jungle down there. When we come back from our break, I'll show you just how well my laser treatments work! And I'll show you just how well T-Man works my pussy!

Date Added: July 17, 2021


27 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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