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Kryptonian Craving ---Tall woman/Sensual domination clip

Features: Tall, powerful, dominate woman theme; Superman and Villainess role playing; Crossed leg fetish; Sensual domination; Height humiliation; Teasing with lingerie and a skimpy bikini; Full nudity towards the end; Below-looking-up POV for most of the clip

Kayla is a tall, strong, seductive Amazon villainess. Many superheroes in the area have suddenly gone missing, vanished from their communities without a trace. Superman is angry and nervous, desperate to find his friends and comrades and to figure out exactly who has been abducting the superheroes of the world. Superman has a hunch though and he thinks he knows who lies at the center of this mess. He enters Kayla's secret lair, finding her seated in sexy lingerie with a tiny
bikini underneath, stretching out and flaunting her long legs as he steps into her bedroom. Kayla speaks in a sexy, seductive tone, never angry with Superman as she effortlessly dominates him physically and mentally. Kayla loves to tease and flirt with the man the world idolizes so much. A man that is so incredibly small, short, weak, and cowardly compared to Kayla! “Welcome, Superman! I’ve been expecting you,” Kayla laughs and stands to show off her full height. Superman is 6’3,’’ and Kayla is 9’ tall! Superman comes up to her belly button and is looking up at Kayla's face from below, mesmerized by her smile and curves. Recognizing her hold on him, Kayla toys with Superman by saying, “are you going to bring me to justice, little one?” Superman tries to pick her up and attack her, while Kayla laughs and explains that he is no match for her! Before he knows what's happening, Superman is being picked up by the throat with just one of Kayla's arms! He is now eye to eye with her, legs dangling and feet kicking as Kayla giggles and stares into his eyes. Kayla commands Superman to stop struggling and admit that he is no match for her. After 45 seconds, he gives in and receives a kiss as a reward for his obedience. Superman seems to have forgotten his mission and his friends. He has lost his willpower and his composure, standing in awe of tall Kayla, practically drooling all over his red and blue costume. Kayla continues to toy with Superman about their height difference as she can see that it is actually turning him on! Does Superman enjoy feeling so powerless and short in the prescene of such a towering, strong woman? Kayla gives him a seductive tour of her body as he looks upward, entranced. This villainess isn't going to stop her tease show until Superman has submitted to her both physically and mentally!

Date Added: October 3, 2020


31 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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