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Kayla Gets Cut Off!

*Features: playful financial domination; teasing in and out of four different outfits (dresses, mini-skirts, sheer top, wedge sandals, nude and black heels); dirty talk; no panties; up-skirt flashes and bending over; leg crossing and heel dangling; sucking and fucking my realistic toy; wet orgasm!* Your bank account can't handle any more of this. Your wallet is thin and empty. Your voicemail is full of messages from annoyed debt collectors demanding payments. How did your finances get so messed up? You've always been a responsible spender and saver. Credit cards have always been saved for emergency purposes only. This new girlfriend of yours though...... How could you say "no" to Kayla as she pointed out yet another skin-tight dress to you, describing to you how perfectly it would fit her curves. How could you say "no" to another pair of sexy heels that she was trying on? They made her legs look amazing and she knew they did as she showed them off to you at the store. Somehow Kayla even convinced you to permanently hand over your credit cards to her. She's irresistible when she looks at you like that. You're powerless to deny her anything when she licks her lips and kisses you like that. But...it's time to cut Kayla off! She has maxed out all of your cards with her expensive shopping trips! Kayla is quite upset to learn that her shopping spree has come to an end. But...since she already gone shopping yet again today....you might as well enjoy the fashion show that Kayla wants to give you. Kayla tries on several different outfits, pointing out how they all enhance her features. "It's a shame that you won't get anymore fashion shows like this", Kayla sighs. Your girlfriend goes on to talk about how she'll probably just have to sit around the house in baggy sweatpants and hoodies from now on. Shopping for and buying skimpy, slutty clothes for you is what turns Kayla on! She gets so wet trying on new clothes that she feels will give you a massive erection! But....if those shopping trips have to end....damn...I guess your sex life will pretty much be over as well. You might as well just prepare yourself for missionary position sex from here on out. Certainly no blowjobs or dirty, slutty talk in bed. No french kissing or titty fucking. What a shame. Maybe you should give her control of the credit cards again? You know you've already lost this battle when Kayla grabs your dick and starts to flick her tongue across the swollen tip. You love your wild, sex-crazed, horny girlfriend. You love seeing her in her skimpy outfits. Why would you deny her and YOURSELF of all of this pleasure? As soon as you've given in, Kayla is riding your cock and you just ignore your buzzing phone. Those credit card bills will just have to continue to rack themselves up as your enjoy your girlfriend's big rack, bouncing in your face!

Date Added: February 16, 2018


49 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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