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Features: For Valentine's Day, my step-bro gifts me a “Grow A Boyfriend” toy. He then sets up a spy cam in my room so that he and his friends can peek in on the fun that I have with my new, huge sex toy! Taboo step-bro/sis role-play; Pink dress, gold heels, and pink lingerie; Bubble bath teasing; Voyeuristic elements as you spy on me while I undress, take a bath, and ride my sex toy; Nip slips while wearing a silky robe; Two camera angles and some picture-in-picture fun; Close-ups while I suck and fuck Torso Man; Dirty talking; Tiny little man grows bigger and gains an even bigger cock!

Hmm, what's up with my step-bro? Why is he being so friendly today? I mean....he gave me a Valentine's Day gift! That's extremely out of character for him. I'll admit that letting him move in with me for a few months has been helpful when it comes to sharing the bills and the chores. But we still get into the kind of trivial arguments that all step-siblings have now and then. He has been sneaking around in my bedroom and in my bathroom lately and that has truly annoyed me! So maybe this gift is his way of apologizing. My bubble bath is almost filled and ready so I'll open my gift while I soak in the warm water. Huh? What is this thing? “Grow-A-Boyfriend”?? What the fuck!? Grrr. What an asshole. I knew this had to be a prank and his laughter coming through the bathroom door is proof that he was setting me up. Is he trying to tell me I need a boyfriend or something!? Well, he's not one to judge. Grow-A-Life, little bro! Whatever. What exactly does this toy do anyway? “Place the tiny, little man in water, wait 72 hours, and your little man will become a HUGE man!” Okay, yeah, sure, right. What a joke. Time to take a nap in the bath and then I'll go kick my bro ass. Ooops...the tiny little man fell into the tub while I was nodding off! Watch as my tiny toy grows into a great, big toy and becomes the best Valentine's day gift a girl could receive. And I think my step-bro will have a great Valentine's Day when he watches the footage on his spy cam that I spotted on my bed!

Date Added: February 12, 2021


37 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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