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Gone Viral! (Part 3) ---transformation fantasy clip

Features: *Blast from the past* I filmed these clips in 2017! (And thank you to the fan who wrote the script all the way back in 2014!) This is either a really good time or a really bad time to finally release this trio of transformation fantasy videos! Enjoy this third and final part! This series of clips features transformations and changes that include themes like age regression, nerdy-to-hottie, scientist-to-bimbo; gender change: male to female; height growth/tall woman, physical and mental changes; Outfit changes with progressively more skimpy clothing; Wigs and heels; A virus serves as the catalyst for the changes! Part 3: The final scene finds a stoner dude on the phone with his best bud. "Dude, I know, I'm watching it on TV too... something about terrorists and strange viruses and all kinds of weird shit like that... Do I believe it? I don't know--it just sounds all so fucked up, it's probably one of those hoaxes like they have on the internet all the time!” He chuckles a bit, but then starts to gag. "What's that sickeningly sweet smell?? Dude, I gotta go before I choke to death!" But as the choking continues, something strange happens... he's suddenly shockingly sporting heels, sexy heels, with smooth sexy legs as well! How confusing, it certainly looks great, but obviously he's not himself anymore. "It must be that virus thing... I gotta call the doctor or 911 or something" But first, being a slightly paranoid stoner, he tries to assess his situation first. He sticks out his tongue, but his lips turn fire-engine red and all of his stubble vanishes! He tugs on his lower eyelid to check his eye, only to witness an explosion of lashes and brows! He draws his forearm to his forehead, checking for a fever, but when he lowers the arm, long hair cascades past his shoulders. His torso begins to revolt: is it expanding (breasts?), is it collapsing (waist?)? Is it being pushed in (maleness into female) or pushed out (bounteous butt?) He's not sure, but has he become... a woman? Well, when his now ill-fitting t-shirt and shrunken denim evolves into a Little Black Dress, no doubt remains. But... in the process, his "exact opposite" takes over--no longer is he a dopey, stupid dude... now "she" is a very sexy, very intelligent, very sophisticated bombshell. And the new-found intelligence kicks in immediately, "So this is the virus... well, I think I know a way to solve this, a way to save everybody. It's so simple to me now--why, it's absolutely child's play!" She starts to describe her perfect plan, but then hesitates, and glances over her delicious form... "But all of that can wait till tomorrow... right now, I think I need some time alone to, um, "study" this new body of mine... if you know what I mean!"

Date Added: December 4, 2021


14 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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