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Goin' Bananas --Inflatables fetish clip

Features: Riding on and humping a giant inflatable banana! Hugging, kissing, and licking my inflatable; Non-popping inflatables fetish; Shiny, metallic clothing and micro-bikini; Masturbation encouragement; Dirty talk; Full nudity and cumming using just my fingers!

My new inflatable is waiting for me on my bed! I enjoyed the process of blowing it up but after I had gotten my new banana inflatable all pumped up, I had to put it down and carry on with the rest of my day. Now I finally have a chance to play with and have some alone time with my big banana inflatable. It's large enough that I can climb on top of it and straddle it, my legs wrapping around it and squeezing it. I love feeling the pressure of the inflatable pushing back against my thighs. I like to bounce on my banana and test my inflatable's limits. How much playtime can this thing handle until it just pops!? I don't want to pop it just yet though. I want to enjoy the hard, firm feeling of my inflatable between my legs. It feels so good to hump and grind on my banana while I've got this shiny, metallic outfit on. The two plastics slide and squeak against each other, creating a kind of friction that feels so good pressed up against my pussy! I love to push my tits against the inflatable, squeeze it close to my body, and then taste my banana with a few kisses and licks. I'm so horny. Grinding and humping has been such great foreplay but I want an orgasm now. I want to cum while I sit on top of my inflatable. I'll use my fingers to rub my sensitive clit and finger fuck my wet pussy. Does it turn you on when you watch me grind and hump on a large inflatable? Do you like watching my body slide around on the huge banana? You should pump your cock up nice and big for me then. Just like I did with my inflatable. Make your cock grow for me, like my banana! Once you've filled your dick up with cum, I want you to squeeze it and stroke it and don't stop until you've blown a big load and you've successfully deflated that huge, swollen cock!

Date Added: March 21, 2020


28 min of video


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