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Free Use Family!

Features: taboo role play and a free-use fantasy role-play; Milfy strip tease and plenty of dirty talk while I enjoy my sex toy; Full nudity; POV fantasy sex; Fun power play scenes as I switch between roles; I play two characters in this clip! It's your birthday and your step-milf is so proud of what a mature and responsible young man you have become. A tear rolls down her cheek as she thinks about sending you off to college soon. But she's determined to make your birthday a happy, special day that you will never forget. And your step-milf wants to show you how much she appreciates how eager you have always been to please her. In fact, the entire family has been waiting for your birthday to arrive so that you could finally be clued in on an important family secret. And because you are her favorite, your step-milf wants to be the one to explain this secret to you and show you just how you are going to step into your new role in this family! Now that you are an adult, things are going to change in this family. To put things plainly, there will be a new rule while you are living in your step-milf's home. It's something your family calls "free-use." Which basically just means: anytime, anywhere! Within a free-use fantasy, partners can have sex with one another whenever they want. Your step-milf explains that she has permission to sexually use anyone in this house, anytime she'd like. Including you! In fact, all members of the house have this same permission, though your step-milf has the final say in all matters. That means that you are allowed to fuck not only your step-milf but your step-sis too!  Your step-milf gives you a seductive striptease while she continues to explain what your daily life will look like from here on out. She tells you that from here on out, there's no reason to wear clothes while you are at home. There will be far too much sex going on to bother with clothing. And then before you know it, your step-milf's tits are in your face and she's sucking on a dildo right in front of you! Your step-milf explains that she's going to break you in and start using you right now. She wants you to stare at her naked body, look between her legs, and watch while she has an incredibly wet, creamy orgasm in front of you!  You are shocked when your step-milf gets up suddenly after her orgasm and leaves for work, leaving you hard, horny, and desperate to cum! Your step-milf instructs you to stay naked and go find your step-sis. Which you do right away! And sure enough, there is your step-sis! Naked in the kitchen and ready to celebrate your birthday with you! It seems that the entire family has been waiting and waiting for your special day and their chance to completely use you for their own pleasure.  You were willing to let your step-milf put you under her control but you are too hard and too horny to sit here and listen to your bratty, bossy, greedy step-sis go on and one teasing you and telling you that she's going to take whatever she wants from you. You are going to be the one to do some taking now! You surprise your naked step-sis when you grab her by the hips and back her up against the kitchen counter! She's been a dirty-talking little cock tease to you your entire life and you are so excited to dominate your older step-sis and fuck her and use her exactly how you have always wanted to! You leave her bent over the kitchen countertop, begging for more of your cock. And this is just day one! Soon you'll have the whole family lined up outside of your bedroom door each morning, waiting for their chance to use and be used by you!

Date Added: December 9, 2022


31 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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