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Day 27 of NNN....Shower Advice!

Features: The last of your No-Nut-November challenges has arrived! Did you survive the month so far? Will I defeat you when you only have a few days left!? Includes full nudity and dirty talking in the hot, steamy shower; Role playing as your girlfriend's best-friend; Jerk off encouragement.

Your girlfriend has decided that she, her roommate, and you will all be celebrating Friends-giving together! Your girlfriend is in charge of the cooking. Her roommate Kayla is cleaning up the house. Which leaves you stuck with the grocery shopping. Kayla was supposed to make you a shopping list but of course she's in the shower now, soaping up her big tits. Well, you'll just have to open the bathroom door, peek your head in, and ask her for the list. You can see the outline of Kayla's naked body through the shower curtain. You feel your dick get hard, just like it does every time you stare at Kayla's curves. You feel a little guilty. I mean, she's your girlfriend's best friend! But you can't control what your cock craves. And Kayla is always prancing around the house in skimpy clothes, flirting with you, finding reasons to brush her ass or tits up against your hands or face! You've spent many nights jerking off to the thought of Kayla after your girlfriend has dozed off. Fuck! Here you are lost in your erotic thoughts, just standing there watching Kayla shower, and now she has spotted you! Kayla pushes the shower curtain to the side and gives you a full view of her wet, warm, soapy body. She knows you have spent the entire month of November not cumming. Not even once! You are determined to conquer No Nut November. You want to regain control of your orgasms and you want refocus on your girlfriend. But you can feel your willpower leaving as Kayla smiles and shakes her tits at you. You can feel your cock aching, pointed right at her like a magnet. November is almost over! What do a few days matter? You might as well go ahead and stroke your dick and cum. Kayla is begging you for it. Are you really going to pass up this opportunity to hop in the shower with her? Get to stroking!

Date Added: November 28, 2020


24 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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