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Couples Retreat ---ASMR and Homewrecker role play clip!

Features: ASMR; Married couple/Homewrecker role playing; Whispering, fingers against the mic, lingerie against the mic, mouth noises and kisses, soft breathing, wet noises; Filmed POV style; Face close-ups; Teasing with cleavage; Full nudity and finger-fucking!

I made my way up the elevator. Now, I just need to figure out exactly which hotel room belongs to my husband and I. Is this hallway spinning or am I? I think I've had too much wine. Hmm, this door looks familiar, I guess? And it's unlocked! So my hubby must have left it open for me. He left the hotel bar early and headed back to our room. Lame. This couples retreat has ended up being a real bore of a vacation. Some serious wine drinking was desperately needed tonight. And I ended up meeting another chatty couple in the bar. The guy was really hot! His wife was pretty plain though. Small tits, no make-up, bitchy face. You know the type. Anyway, now I'm back in the room with my husband. Hopefully he's not dozing because I am really horny and I need a hard dick to grind on! “Babe, are you awake?”, I whisper into the dark hotel room. Someone grunts a response and rolls over towards me in the bed. I take that as a yes and I start to get undressed. Once I'm down to my bra and thong, I climb on top of my man and straddle him, ready for some hard riding! My husband doesn't have a very big dick but I make the most of it. That guy down in the bar sure has a big dick. I could see the outline of his bulge through his pants! Hmm...the man between my legs...feels different somehow. He smells different. And his boner is WAY too big to be my husband's! Oh, shoot. I think I've stumbled into the wrong hotel room. Am I on top of the man that I just met down in the bar? Is that his wife in the shower, oblivious to the fact that I am about to take her husband from her? This guy really seems to love when I whisper into his ears. I tell him how hot he is and how much his body turns me on. I rub his ears, his neck, and place kisses all over his face. I tell him how good I'm going to make him feel. How he'll never be able to enjoy sex with his wife again after he's had me! I even try on his wife's lingerie and rub the soft lace against his face, making his dick grow another inch harder for me. Maybe this couples' retreat isn't so boring after all!

Date Added: August 21, 2020


44 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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