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Convincing My Coworker

Features: a silly and sexy video about a wife that needs to seek out sexual satisfaction while her husband recovers from an accident that resulted in a broken penis! Includes husband/wife role play; coworker role play; medical accident; cuckoldry; stripteasing and outfit changes; mini-dresses; bra and panty set; high heels; leg fetish; crossing and uncrossing my legs; upskirt flashing without panties; big tits and teasing with cleavage; bending over and spreading; long hair; fun camera angles thanks to my mirror; dirty talk, and dildo fucking!

There's been a terrible accident! My husband, Torso Man, works at the Love Doll factory. He is head of quality control and personally inspects each love doll before it leaves the assembly line, performing several..umm..tests on the dolls to ensure they each provide maximum customer satisfaction. Something happened while testing out the newest model that features a vibrating vagina! Sparks started flying, my husband screamed, coworkers rushed to help, but the love doll and my husband were quickly up in flames! The flames were put out and my husband was rescued from the scorched love doll. But he is now facing a long, hard recovery as he and I work towards a hopeful full recovery! Doctors informed us that it was pure luck that Torso Man didn't lose his penis! It may never work again! His dick is all bandaged up and held upright and stiff with several splints.  And importantly, in order to ensure as successful a recovery as possible, I have to make sure that my husband stays perfectly erect 24/7! Every minute of every day, for the next eight weeks, I need to keep my husband's boner bulging! And having an orgasm or ejaculating in any way is out of the question. That would defeat the whole purpose of this treatment program. Viagra will be taken twice a day to help make his cock as stiff as possible for as many hours of the day as possible.  But my husband will need my help. He needs some mental and visual stimulation. And you know what? What about me? Am I just expected to go without sex for two months just because my husband went and broke his penis!? I can hardly go 8 hours without sex, let alone eight weeks!  So, I've come up with a solution. My husband loves to watch me try on slutty outfits, short dresses, and cleavage-baring tops. He is obsessed with my long, sexy legs, and he loves it when I cross and uncross my legs and flash my pussy at him. But I need some satisfaction tonight too, and I'm gonna get it. My coworker is stopping by with some paperwork. And I'm going to fuck him.  I'm going to try on, show off, and tease in and out of several slutty dresses and even a new bra and panty set! I'll have my coworker just as hard as my poor husband. But the most thrilling part will be watching my husband get even harder as I tease and fuck this other man right in front of him! I know he is dying to have an orgasm. It's been days of non-stop total erections without any release. Hopefully, he doesn't have a no-hands orgasm just from watching his wife get fucked good and filled up with another man's cum. Some people might think taking advantage of your husband when he's in such poor condition is wrong. But I'm not cheating or hiding anything from my husband. I'm going to fuck this other man right there on the bed next to him. And I'm going to make sure he gets all the best views! 

Date Added: September 15, 2023


46 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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