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Ballot Beauties, Part 2! ---Transformation Fantasy clip

Features: This is part 2! Part 1 was posted on Friday. Find it under the Transformation Fantasy category! Transformation fantasy featuring two characters and two different transformations! Old lady to hottie; Frumpy man to sexy babe; Election campaign role-playing; Mysterious smoke bombs are the magical catalyst; Physical and mental transformations; Heels, bikinis, makeup, wigs; A little bit of topless nudity!

He can hardly believe his eyes. Maybe he has been underestimating this little, old lady all along! Winning this election seemed like a no-brainer up until about 3 minutes ago. But now, staring across the debate stage at his competition, our main character's mouth is wide open, his legs are shaking, and he's starting to doubt his polling numbers as well as his sanity. Did he just witness some kind of magical transformation? Where did the frumpy, ugly old lady go? Who is this scantily clad hot babe in front of him? And why is our main character starting to feel so strange? The old lady mentioned a tingly sensation. That feeling seems to now be taking over HIS body! Facial and body hair melts away. His big, round belly turns into two big tits! Blonde hair drops down past his shoulders and his waists shrinks as his hips curve outward. With a new body comes new career goals! Maybe the two candidates will realize that they have much more in common now than before and will team up to satisfy some campaign cravings.

Date Added: April 17, 2020


17 min of video


Rating: 0.0/5.0

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