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Ballot Beauties! ---Transformation Fantasy clip

Features: Transformation fantasy featuring two characters and two different transformations! Old lady to hottie; Frumpy man to sexy babe; Election campaign role-playing; Mysterious smoke bombs are the magical catalyst; Physical and mental transformations; Heels, bikinis, makeup, wigs; A little bit of topless nudity! Watch for Part 2 this Sunday!

It's school board election time and Kayla has placed all of her elderly hopes and dreams on winning this year. The only obstacle in her way is the man standing on the opposite side of the debate stage...the competition! He's rude, vulgar, annoying, and hard to look at. How this man has even made it this far in the election process is beyond Kayla's understanding. She has devoted her life to public service. She has always followed the rules, lived a modest, conservative, prime and proper life. Just looking at this unorganized, disheveled man is sending Kayla's emotions through the roof. Kayla herself isn't winning any votes in the fashionably dressed department. She never makes time for tailored outfits, salon visits, or tedious application of makeup. No matter. Kayla's wit, intelligence, and detailed action plan is sure to win over the hearts and minds of this community! Suddenly, there's a commotion in the town hall. Protestors can be heard, drowning out Kayla's speech as she clutches the microphone! A smoke bomb is thrown into the room and the air begins to fill with smoke. It's hard to see, hard to breathe. And Kayla isn't feeling quite right! She's feeling tingly all over. The man across the stage from her watches in amazement as Kayla begins to change right before his eyes. Is she getting younger? Are her legs getting longer? Her tits bigger? When a hot babe slowly climbs to her feet, standing 6 feet tall in her heels, the man can't decide if he's completely freaked out or completely turned on! Stay tuned for part 2, the man's transformation!

Date Added: April 17, 2020


26 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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