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All Mine

You feel groggy as you open your eyes. Are you dreaming? Maybe your eyes are playing tricks on you. There's a big-tit woman grinning at you, half-naked, looking like she's ready to pounce on you. You are tied up and secured good and tight to a bed! This woman, wearing nothing but a tight, white t-shirt and a pair of panties, is now crawling across the sheets toward you! You are confused and nervous as she begins to laugh and explain the situation to you, checking your restraints as she moves up your body. Through your confusion, you begin to understand that Kayla wants to claim "her spot" yet again. And that spot just so happens to be right on top of your cock! Kayla explains that you are all hers now. You are here for her pleasure. From now on, you have one purpose in life: to satisfy Kayla. And this sex-crazed woman wants to own and possess every inch of your body. She plans on riding, fucking, grinding, and cumming until she has used you up. Are you ready to become Kayla's sex toy and plaything? Can you handle days and days of non-stop fucking? Can you worship Kayla's big tits the way they deserve to be worshiped? Nothing gets this woman off more than hearing a man confess that he would gladly spend the last few minutes of his life as a devoted tit worshiper, spending his last breath exclaiming how sexy, beautiful, and fuckable Kayla's tits are! And just as important is your ability to control your orgasm while this big-breasted woman rides you. You absolutely cannot cum too quickly. Kayla needs you to last. She will encourage you to edge your orgasm. She'll fuck you and get you close and then slow it down. And when Kayla is ready to cum, you'll get your orgasm too and you can pump Kayla full of your cum! 

Date Added: September 2, 2022


20 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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